Why You Must Book a Floatation Therapy Session Now

Many lead a hectic lifestyle which can take a toll on someone’s physical and mental health. It is challenging for one to focus on tasks when their well-being is at stake. Because people are busier now, most of them notice how physical labour can affect their headspace.

A lot of people are resorting to different activities to relieve their stress and prevent anxiety and depression. Some would choose running, others would go to the gym or a yoga studio, and some would book a flotation therapy session.

What Is Floatation Therapy?

When you’re on a floatation therapy session, you are in a floating pod with magnesium-saturated water that will keep you buoyant during the therapy. The session allows you to release all your stress and worries and float in water.

Here are some reasons you should go with the flow and try float therapy:

Relax, release, and relieve

When you are floating on water, your nervous system shuts down your fight or flight response and allows you to breathe in a relaxing rhythmic pattern. Floating allows you to be more relaxed, and at the same time, still in touch with your body.

Because you are in an enclosed space and have no control over how you are floating, it gives you a sense of release, triggering parts of your mental space to clear your worries and anxieties.

Another float therapy benefit is that it relieves you from physical pain. This therapy is perfect for people who suffer from chronic and stress-related muscle pain, and for athletes to help reduce their muscle tension and fatigue.

Recalibrate your mental space

Since floating decreases stress, depression, and anxiety, it will give energy shifts to help you remain calm and in a better headspace after the session. Floating allows you to be aware of your environment with heightened senses, but at the same time, stay calm and relaxed. It is also the perfect opportunity for you to meditate and clear your mental space of any negativity.

Float therapy is incredibly popular with musicians, writers, and other creatives because it helps them relax and perform better on their next project. This type of treatment helps synchronise your brain and helps improve creativity and deeper connections with yourself.

Rejuvenate and restart

After your float therapy session, you’ll notice that you’ll be in a better state of mind. With regular visits to your local float studio, you’ll see that your stress and anxiety decrease because of higher levels of dopamine and endorphins.

Floating therapy is hugely beneficial because afterwards, you’ll find that you can focus on tasks more and accomplish them easily, sparing you from stress and worries.


If you’ve noticed that you’ve been having trouble getting through your days, or your mental space feels a bit cloudy, floating therapy can help relieve you from stress and your worries and float out of the spa with a better mindset and well-being. These are only a few of the many float therapy benefits that you’ll be gaining through each session. Even if you’re leading a busy lifestyle, don’t forget that you should continue to float through life without worries.

Peace in a Pod is a spa and wellness centre that specialises in float therapy in Perth. We also offer other luxurious spa treatments like infrared sauna, massages, and facial and skin treatments. If you’re ready to take a break, relax, and try float therapy, book a session with us now!