Why Float Therapy Is Good for Mums – What to Know

It goes without saying that motherhood is tough.

Having to juggle a ton of responsibilities and wear many hats can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Most mothers have to deal with extra pressure and a busy schedule almost every day, leading to heightened stress levels. While it’s worth picking up stress relief techniques like doing yoga, spending time at the gym, relaxing at home, or being in the company of friends, it may not be enough. If you’re a mum and find that none of your coping mechanisms is working, you may want to consider float therapy.

What is float therapy?

An alternative technique for achieving relaxation, float therapy or floatation therapy is a proven all-natural treatment for anxiety and stress. While traditional relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can deliver many healing properties when done appropriately, float therapy offers more than just mental relaxation. In addition to treating stress, anxiety, and even depression, it provides a deeper relaxation level for a more fulfilling experience.

To the uninitiated, float therapy is a practice of floating on your back in a salt water-filled sensory deprivation tank for an hour or more at a time, resulting in a sense of inner peace. It’s akin to floating in zero gravity as you feel weightless while experiencing a completely different state that relaxes both your body and mind. Since there’s a lack of sensory input, it also allows you to be alone with your thoughts that you otherwise can’t experience during your regular routine.

Float therapy benefits for mums

1. Float therapy alleviates stress and anxiety

If you’re an expecting mother or a new mum, your body is exposed to more stress and anxiety. Given that you’re dealing with greater expectations and an array of different challenges, floatation therapy gives you an opportunity to temporarily let go of your worries and put your stressors aside. It helps reduce feelings of stress, even just for a little while, and improves your overall mood.

2. Float therapy offers a space for meditation and mindfulness

Float therapy also offers a space free from the distractions you’re usually exposed to, including everyday noise, lights from digital screens, and being grabbed by little hands. Mums need a break, too, and floatation therapy gives you a space to be isolated completely. While you’re floating, you can choose to meditate and focus on mindfulness or allow yourself to enter a very deep sleep state. You can also focus on your breathing and bring yourself back to that peaceful state of being.

3. Float therapy helps recharge your mind and boost your memory

Given the many responsibilities you have to grapple with every day, there may be times that you forget important tasks and appointments. Float therapy gives you the chance to go on a spa-like retreat without having to travel far, which results in a rejuvenated mind and improved memory. After the therapy, you’ll feel brand new and have the ability to have a laser focus on your various tasks.

Float therapy is something that everyone should try—not just mums and expectant mothers. If you’re based in Perth and want to give it a go, contact us today!