The Perfect Solution for Your Brain’s Relaxation?

When we think about relaxation and putting ourselves in a state that we need to be in when the tough gets going, the first thing that comes to mind is proper sleep.

Sure, you might think that giving yourself some relief can be done by taking a day off or going to the spa, but nothing gets the mind at ease better than an ample amount of slumber. Although it may not seem like much of a difference, the compounded effect of continuous nights of seven to eight hours of soundless rest helps improve your health by a significant milestone! However, what if we told you that floating does a much better job at relaxing your brain than sleeping?

Why floating is the way to go if your brain needs to relax

It sounds silly at first, but the value of floating makes for a compelling case when you consider just how impactful it can be on the brain’s ability to relax.

When we talk about flotation, we’re referring to a type of treatment where a person suspends themselves in an enclosed or specialized space to manage certain experiences of exhaustion. One such example of this treatment is Peace In A Pod’s float therapy, which is defined on our website as follows:

“Floating literally means to float in a pool filled with salt water, where you can experience the feeling of complete weightlessness similar to that experienced in the Dead Sea. You float in a saturated saline solution gently heated to the temperature of your skin (35.5 °C). It is also completely dark and quiet.”

Compared to jumping in your bed and shutting your eyes, this can seem a bit overboard because of how detail-intensive the process is. However, looking into the details will be more than enough to show you that there’s more merit to getting in a float tank every once in a while than relying on your bed alone to give your brain a bare minimum level of relief:

It helps expose your brain to controlled levels of needed sensory deprivation

Here’s one fact that explains just how tired your brain can get: up to 80 per cent of the workload of the human brain is caused by processing and reflecting on external environmental stimuli. This means that merely seeing, feeling, tasting, hearing, and smelling can all tire your brain out when you get by without much-needed rest, and this is where our flotation tanks can help.

When you step in a float tank, you expose yourself to a controlled and unhampered experience of sensory deprivation that aims to fully shut out all of the external stimulation you experience. By spending an hour or so in a space where your senses can’t pick up anything, your brain will be forced to relax more thoroughly by doing nothing other than keeping your organs working—true mind relaxation at its finest.

It helps you avoid the risk of disruption

While sleeping is undoubtedly something that works to keep the mind at bay, its biggest flaw lies in the fact that it has a propensity to be disrupted. This fatal flaw is attributed to the fact that we sleep in surroundings where the world around us still goes on whether we’re awake or asleep. This then leaves us vulnerable to unwanted and untimely external stimulation. Entering a float pod, however, offers a completely different experience.

Today, experts urge people to take better care of their brains by signing up for more float sessions because it helps fill the gap on what the body truly needs no matter how much sleep it’s given. By hopping in a pod, you won’t have to worry about the sun shining in your eyes too early or hearing the neighbours fight—making for the perfect relaxation experience!


When it comes to enjoying peace of mind, nothing sets your brain up for relaxation better than an unhampered floating experience. This is especially true when you consider how it creates conditions that not even the deepest of slumbers can set. Through a scheduled monthly or weekly session, you’ll be able to ensure that your mind gets the reset it needs to feel more energised and capable!

If you are looking for a reliable float spa in Perth to help your brain relax, then you are in the right place. Here at Peace in a Pod, we take pride in offering a variety of services and spa treatments. Get in touch with us today to book your treatment!