Tank Your Anxiety: How Floating Decreases Stress

Whether experiencing high levels of stress or suffering from a chronic condition, the body tends to enter a fight-or-flight state that can be difficult to emerge from. From regular therapy and prescribed medication to alternative treatments such as float therapy in Perth, promoting regular relaxation can decrease the risk of serious and fatal health conditions. If you’re looking to master the art of composure, consider floating.

A Silent Killer: How Stress Affects Your Body

Caused by rough working conditions, toxic relationships, or other reasons stress is a harbinger of mental burnout and unwanted health outcomes. By constantly pumping your body with adrenaline and cortisol, a heightened state of anxiety can result in breathing problems, heart conditions, and chronic pain.

If you feel you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, your general physician can likely recommend a counsellor or psychologist. On the other hand, you can independently practise other relaxation techniques such as stillness and meditation.

The Art of Stillness

If diagnosed with a panic disorder or simply suffering from the inability to keep still, the notion of breathing, mindfulness, and tranquillity may seem foreign to you. However, implementing these exercises into your daily regimen will naturally take time. If silent meditation isn’t doing the trick, a peace float may be a viable option for you.

Admittedly, the idea of sitting alone with your thoughts can prove intimidating for those who haven’t yet been able to navigate their anxieties. However, the experience you undertake within the confines of an isolation tank are quite the opposite.

Without the distraction of external stimulants, letting go of your worries becomes second nature. As the outer confines of an isolation tank become decreasingly relevant, being at home with your thoughts comes easier than you think.

Unlike in your home or office, where the lure of your mobile phone and bustle of shuffling feet pose obstacles that are difficult to overcome, an isolation tank can double as a space free of emotional meaning. If you haven’t yet experienced the calming lull of floatation therapy, here’s why you should consider it.

A Zero Gravity Life-Changing Event

When consumed by stress, anxiety, and fear, it can feel near-impossible to hurdle the wrath of depression, instability, and feeling unmotivated. However, float therapy can promote feelings of resilience, strength, and acceptance in just a few sessions.

Becoming increasingly incorporated as an anxiety treatment, floating has also been used to combat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To combat the glorification of burnout and disregard for self-care methods, floatation has allowed patients to resemble, restore, and reflect on what matters most to them.

Not only life-changing, but floatation techniques also serve as life-saving, especially to those who find difficulty in overcoming the effects of anxiety.


A key tool that allows patients to return to joyous feelings, floatation spa treatments are a pain-free solution that has demonstrated impressive results. Feeling refreshed and pampered is an underrated method of confronting fears of the future and daily stressors.

At Peace in a Pod, you can enjoy medically-proven and magnesium-infused isolation float tanks in Perth. The more often you book a float session, the longer you can reap the benefits of recovery and relaxation.