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Best Eyelash Extensions In Perth

Eyelash extensions have been around for quite a while and are preferred by many of us as a quick fix as opposed to wearing fake lashes every single day. Eyelash extensions give your eyes volume and transform them with a fuller look.

If this is your first time getting lash extensions, it is okay to admit that you’re a bit curious about everything lash extensions. First time can be exciting and nervous, and we’re here to help you through everything you need to know about eyelash extensions in Perth.

What Is An Eyelash Extension?

We usually glue our fake lashes on top of our real ones and strip them off once we’re back home. Eyelash extensions in Perth are similar to your fake lashes, except they’re glued carefully on each of your real lash hair, and they look real.

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent lashes that are carefully hand glued on top of your natural lashes. Since they are glued on individually to each of your real eyelash hair, they look real. You can opt for different types of eyelash extensions depending on your style and preferences.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

You can technically make your lashes last indefinitely by getting them done again. But, eyelash extensions typically last for two to three weeks if you maintain them well. After they’ve run their course, they start falling out on their own. If you do wish to get them removed earlier, you can stop by our clinic and get them removed. Although we are sure, the only reason we’ll have you back is to redo them!

Things You Must Know About Eyelash Extensions

The best eyelash extensions in Perth will make you look like a dream. Before you proceed with creating a new look, there are a few things that you ought to know. These things will help you understand the procedure better and help you achieve your desired look in the best way possible!

Eyelash Extensions Perth Is A Luxurious Process

That’s right, there’s no pain or scary knives; it is a process that you can really enjoy!

Do you like naptime? If yes, this is the most socially acceptable naptime you could ask for! You come into our clinic and get prepped for this procedure. You lay down with calming music playing in the background as our beauty therapists attach beautiful feathery extensions to your eyes. Have you not already imagined this in your head because of the previous sentence? We thought so.

You Can Customise Your Eyelash Extension Experience

You do not have to just stick to one kind of eyelash extension. It’s not like you go in, and it’s the same product for everyone. You can choose the type of extensions you want and also consult our beauty therapist, who will be able to advise you on which eyelash extension type will suit your face better. You can choose from different lengths. You can opt to keep it simple or go full Kardashian style, whatever you wish for. After you have chosen your length, you can also choose your preferred curl style.

Lash Extensions Last For A Good Time

if you take good care of them! Yes, you will need touch-ups and so, but if you maintain your eyelashes well, you will not find yourself taking trips to get things done again more often.

You Can Wear Makeup With Your Extensions.

If you think you cannot wear any make-up with your extensions, you’re mistaken. What would be the point of getting such beautiful lashes and not even having any make-up on? You can use makeup, but you must do it carefully. Only water and oil-based formulas will be a problem for extensions. You can use eyeliners as long as you’re doing so carefully. Avoid mascaras because, come on, don’t insult the lashes!

Extensions Do Not Ruin Your Lashes!

We take our job very seriously, and that does not mean just the work we do at our clinic. We are motivated to ensure that every customer is advised with a home routine for maintenance and care. When it comes to lashes, you must maintain them by not pulling them too hard, and trying to remove them yourself since it will strip you off your real lashes too. Maintain them, apply vaseline gently on your lashes, and your real lashes will incur no harm.

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