Reasons You Should Start Getting Floatation Therapy

When you want to relax and give your mind a break to improve your creativity and ease your brain, consider getting floatation therapy. The benefits and effects of floatation therapy will be different for each person and every session. But even if they have different experiences, floaters will feel more relaxed and recharged after every session.

When you get rid of stress and allow your mental space to take a break, you allow more room for imagination and creative stimulation, and you’ll help control your brain to relax. With float therapy, you’re allowing your body to lower its cortisol levels and stress without the pressure of other elements around you.

If you’re curious about floatation therapy, keep reading. Below are the reasons you should start getting float therapy and reap its benefits.

Increases your resistance to stress

One of the significant benefits of floatation therapy is that it can alter the endocrine homeostatic mechanism in your body, which adjusts and lowers your adrenal activation threshold. This means that with regular floating, you build resistance to chronic stressors and stimuli triggered by your lifestyle and daily activities.

Because it increases your stress resistance, you’ll be able to control the flow of your mental space as well, allowing you to practice meditation better. This is because floatation therapy allows your brainwaves to enter a theta-state, which enables you to remain conscious and present while floating without falling asleep.

Improves immune function and healing

Another benefit you get from float therapy is that it improves the functions of your immune system by suppressing your stress hormones that weaken your immune function. When you have active stress hormones, you may suffer from digestive and reproductive issues and decreased insulin sensitivity.

Since it has great benefits for your immune system, floating also promotes the elimination of metabolic byproducts, encourages muscular relaxation and prevents adrenal fatigue, ultimately helping your body heal and recover after being sick or sustaining any injuries.

Helps manage chronic headaches

A common reason many people get floatation therapy is that it helps manage pain, such as arthritis, tendonitis, back and neck pain, inflammation, chronic headaches and more.

Some of the most frustrating types of pain are chronic headaches and head pains. These are incredibly distracting and can affect the way you work throughout the day. There are many reasons you may get headaches and several ways to manage the pain, but a promising solution to remedy this is through float therapy.

Floating is effective in treating chronic headaches because it reduces the intensity and frequency of the pain by improving your sleep quality, emotional state and vision and hearing issues.

Deals with poor sleeping abilities

Whether you’re suffering from insomnia, you often pull an all-nighter or stress keeps you up at night, consider float therapy to help you deal with your lack of sleep.

Because floating manages chronic stress and encourages relaxation, the effects you get from this therapy dramatically improves the sleeping abilities of floaters. This happens because, through floating, you allow your brain and body to relax. Floating also allows you to enter a healthier mental outlook and physical state, giving your mind and body time to rest.

Spending an hour and a half floating in a tank can feel like 6-8 hours of sleep, leaving you fresh and rejuvenated.


Frequent float therapy sessions can dramatically improve your well-being, physical functions and emotional state. So, if you often deal with chronic stressors, lack of sleep, body pains and chronic headaches, consider visiting your nearest float studio and help your mind and body relax and recharge. After about an hour or two, you’ll feel like a whole different person!People who lead a busy lifestyle often forget to take care of themselves and destress.

A great way to unwind and find your centre again is by getting float therapy in Perth. At Peace In A Pod, we offer our clients full pampering services from floating and massages to infrared saunas and spa treatments. Book an appointment today!