Microblading: How to Achieve Perfect Natural-Looking Brows

Ladies, you know how a little effort in fixing your eyebrows can level up your look in an instant. You also know how tiring eyebrow shaping, trimming, and filling can be when done regularly. Though having nice eyebrows can immediately change one’s look, the result can only be enjoyed in less than a day—another of its instant effects.

Thanks to modern technology, there is now a way to achieve great looking brows without the risk of accidentally erasing them. This is called the microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique done in the eyebrows to create fuller brows. It uses a microblading pen, a tool with several tiny needles, that creates a more natural hair effect.

Microblading can give you long-lasting perfect brows that can last from one to three years, depending on your lifestyle and skin-type. Over time, the pigments on your brows will fade for various reasons, but scheduling an annual touch-up can help you maintain the same look for a long time.

What happens during the microblading process?

During the process, the microblading specialist pencils tiny hairs on your brows, imitating how natural brows grow. Once you’re okay with how your new brows will look, the specialist will tattoo the pattern to your skin using the cosmetic pigment and the microblading pen.

To give you an idea, the sensation you’ll feel is similar to getting a tattoo. If you have a low tolerance for pain, a numbing cream will be applied to your brows before the procedure. If you have a high tolerance for pain, you’ll feel a little pressure and scratching sensation in the area.

What to expect after the procedure

Complete healing from the procedure is usually observed in four to six weeks, but here’s what you should expect days after undergoing the process:

On Days 1-3

  • Your eyebrows will look too dark and too full. This is normal. It will eventually fade and look more natural.
  • You are expected to apply your aftercare ointment as instructed, and you also need to keep the area clean as much as possible.

On Days 4-5

  • You’ll observe that scabs are beginning to fall off.
  • You’ll also see that your brows are lighter than the first few days.
  • You can return to your usual routine by this time, but you are still expected to avoid activities that will result in too much sweating.
  • Too much perspiration will decrease the pigment retention in your brows.

On Week 7

  • You are expected to return for a little touch-up after six weeks. During this time, the microblading specialist will check if your desired pigment saturation is achieved or if there’s a need to correct any area.


Not everyone is born with perfectly shaped and filled brows, but there are several ways to achieve your desired look. You may deal with the regular trimming, shaping, and filling option or choose the semi-permanent way. Whatever method you decide on, know that putting effort into making your eyebrows fuller and aesthetically pleasing is always worth it. It can instantly change your look and help accentuate your eyes and face shape. Just remember to keep them as natural-looking as possible.

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