How to Prepare for Your First Float Therapy Session?

Float therapy is a fantastic way to relax and take a load off for a while, especially if you are an Aussie with a demanding 9-to-5 job. This is because of the benefits it brings in terms of relaxing your muscles and alleviating high blood pressure levels. But what exactly is float therapy?

As the name suggests, float therapy is a kind of spa treatment that involves floating or wading in a secluded pod filled with refreshing salt water. The activity has helped many Australians forget about the stress of daily lives for a short while so they can come back refreshed.

If you are looking to try float therapy for the first time, this guide will help you make the most out of it. It’s important to be guided by these steps so that you can truly rest and experience the best results.

  1. Never go floating on an empty stomach: Just as you’re not supposed to eat one hour before swimming, you should avoid going to float therapy on a full stomach. If you’re really hungry, have a light snack. That said, it’s best to avoid food until after your session. Make sure you have a proper meal a few hours before your session—it’s not very relaxing to hear your stomach growling away as you float!
  2. Avoid the coffee break or sugary drinks: Aside from food, you want to avoid any overly caffeinated drinks or coffee, especially if you get jittery. Overconsumption of caffeine can take away from the experience and make it difficult for you to relax. While we won’t stop you from enjoying a cup if you really want it, try to opt for water or a light tea when you can.
  3. Come prepared: If you’re thinking about paying a visit to your closest float therapy facility, remember to come prepared. Check if you’ll have to bring a bather or if the facility allows you to float in the nude. If you’re about to float for the first time and are feeling a little nervous, ask the staff to explain what you should expect during the session. You’ll find that the more you know about floating, the less nervous you’ll be!
  4. Forget the shave: The day before your float, skip shaving or waxing. This is because the pod’s saltwater can irritate your freshly shaven skin, so keep your hands off the razor for now—you can shave tomorrow.
  5. Pair your float therapy with another spa service: Most Australian working professionals have tension built up in their bodies from prolonged hours of work. Many don’t release that tension nearly as frequently as they should. This means that they may need something that’s a little bit more hands-on than just float therapy. Soothe your sore muscles and tired mind with one of our signature massages before your time in the pod.
  6. Do some breathing exercises while floating: Meditation in this state is ideal because it allows you to actively rest and condition your brain and body to be at ease without having to sleep. As you float, take a couple of deep breaths through your nose. Don’t forget to regulate your breathing and stay afloat to successfully pull this off.
  7. Take an extra day off work just for self-reflection: After your first float therapy, you may feel like you want to take a step back from work. Take a transition day after the session and make time for yourself. A short break will help you maximise the feeling of relaxation after a day at the spa. Then, you’ll be ready to step into the office with more drive than before!


Float therapy is the ideal way to reset your pacing after long hours in the office. If you are looking for a fresh start, look within and consider a session in the float pod today!

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