How to Get the Most Out of Your Float Therapy Session

Have you tried float therapy in a floatation tank yet? This invention has been around since the late 50s and has recently gained more popularity in the US and Europe.

During the session, you get to lay in the dark in skin temperature water so salty you float effortlessly. This allows you to float in a zero-gravity-like environment, relieving any pressure from the body and allowing your blood to flow more freely. 

This is highly popular as it leads to complete mental and physical relaxation.

This article will run you through some tips that experienced floaters practise to get the most out of their float therapy sessions.

What to Prepare before Your Session

Preparing for a float session is similar to getting a massage. You usually pay for an hourly session, and some spas offer discounts and savings for multiple bookings or members.

If you go floating regularly, you will get more benefits out of your session.

After the session, you may take 30 minutes to shower, change, and prepare for the outside world again, so make sure you spare at least an hour and 30 minutes of your day to fit the session into your schedule.

Before the session, you may want to avoid the following:

  • Shaving or waxing as the mineral-laced solution that makes you float may irritate tender skin. If you have any cuts, you can cover them with a thin film of Vaseline
  • Stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol
  • Eating a heavy meal
  • Wearing contact lenses in the pod

What to Expect during the Session

Flotation tanks are completely enclosed to block the outside world and let you completely relax. They have thick walls to prevent sound from leaking in and out and have a strong enough lid to pressurise the tank.

During your session, you can do any of the following:

  • Lay back gently and avoid splashing around or creating too many waves in the thick solution. The solution may take a long time to settle if you make too many splashes.
  • Give yourself time to relax. It may take a while for your mind to settle down. Don’t get too stressed that it isn’t working. It usually takes 20 minutes to allow your muscles and mind to slow down. You can fully appreciate the effects of floatation if you get at least three sessions a month.
  • If you relax better with the light on, you can keep it on, so you don’t have to plunge yourself into complete blackness from the get-go.
  • Take deep, slow, and rhythmic breaths. You can visualise your ideal relaxed state.
  • You can stretch out as you’ve just woken up if you do get restless while floating.

What to Do after Your Session

You may need some recovery time, especially if you feel emotional or slightly disoriented. Don’t rush to head on to your next appointment after getting out of the tank. 

Maximise the benefits of the session by enjoying a relaxing shower and drinking a lot of water after.


If you want to experience an entirely new way to relax and are looking for something to do outside of your comfort zone, a session in a floatation pod may be the best thing to try. You can expect to feel relaxed, lighter, and have less stress in your body.

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