How to Care for Your Eyebrows After a Powder Brows Treatment

How your brows look is very important these days, especially among women. Your eyebrows frame your face, which is why it has a significant impact on how your face looks.

Over the past years, the beauty industry has introduced many new technological developments to make eyebrows look better and more permanent. In fact, powder brows are one of the latest developments and are a popular version of semi-permanent brow makeup. However, if you’re planning to get a powder brows treatment done, keep in mind that the healing and aftercare are important as well.

Also known as Ombré powder brows, this eyebrow treatment involves a special shading technique to achieve natural-looking brows with a powder effect. The treatment combines dots and shading to fill the brows to make them look thicker and more symmetrical.

What You Need To Know About Powder Brows

Unlike brow tattoos, powder brows are not permanent, but more of a semi-permanent treatment. This essentially means that the colour will fade after a while. The treatment can also last for one to three years, depending on how you take care of them after. But the best thing about this cosmetic brow tattoo procedure is that it lasts longer than microblading, stretching up to five years.

The aftercare starts with the healing. As mentioned, the treatment involves tiny dots of pigment inserted into the skin for that soft and smooth effect. As a result, the brows will be a bit swollen and darker after the procedure; it will take a few weeks for it to heal completely. During this period, you can expect that your brows will be very dark in the first three days and they will start to scab.

Keep in mind some factors can affect the speed of the healing process. One is your skin type, as certain skin types tend to heal faster. Some other factors include your age, diet, and habits. Also, if you work out regularly or get into activities that make you sweat a lot, remember that sweat and direct exposure to the sun can negatively affect the healing process. During this time, you should avoid wearing any makeup, especially close to the treated area.

The Maintenance After The Treatment

When the healing process is over, you can then wash your face normally, sleep with your face flat, and work out. Going for regular touch-ups is also a great way to prolong your powder brows. The first touch-up should be between four to six weeks after the treatment, and this first session is mandatory because it is when any imperfections will be corrected.

The frequency of touch-ups will depend on how quickly the colour fades; usually, it’s every six months. As soon as you notice the colour fading, it’s best to book an appointment right away with the experts at Peace In A Pod. Don’t let it fade too much because it will cost you more, or worse, you may need to undergo another treatment to restore its shade!


If you want to have natural-looking brows that are shaped perfectly and are easy to maintain, powder brows are the right treatment for you. You might be tempted to try microblading, but with results that last up to five years, powder brows are the best cosmetic brow tattoo option for those who don’t want to undergo the procedure too often.

Although the healing process will take awhile, it will be worth it in the end. Additionally, knowing how to take care of your brows after the healing process properly is important to make it last longer. At the same time, you should also go to a reputable facility where you can get your powder brows done, as the quality of service will determine how your brows will look and how long they will last.

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