How Omnilux Light Therapy Can Turn Back Time for Your Skin

Growing older is a cross that we all have to bear. While there are benefits like looking forward to retirement and senior discounts, age comes with quite a few inconveniences.

Nowadays, ageing has become a front-and-centre concern thanks to the fact that most people live with more stress than ever. That, combined with the years passing by means that your skin will lose its hydration, glow, pigmentation, and suppleness. All these things lead to a noticeable decline in the way it looks and feels over time.

As the years go by, you’ll likely find yourself pondering this question: “How can I bring back the youthful glow of my skin?

Is the secret Botox? Doesn’t have to be!
Should I get laser surgery to reverse the effects? Nope!
Do I invest in treatments to bring back my youthful glow? It isn’t mandatory!

Well, then what’s the solution? Omnilux Light Therapy. 

What is Omnilux Light Therapy?

Omnilux Light Therapy, to put it simply, is a type of treatment that has established itself as one of the best and most effective non-invasive solutions on the market for ageing.

The idea that light could be a solution to years of ageing may seem laughable, the truth is that it’s trusted by thousands of people all over the world for a reason. With red-and-white LED light treatments for a mere 20 minutes a session over the course of three weeks, the treatment shines best when partnered with proper exfoliation.

The Omnilux itself is a medical-grade machine that helps deliver precise shots of LED light right into the skin well enough to even out a few common issues such as fine lines, roughness, and uneven textures. According to a recent study conducted by Omnilux themselves, 91 percent of subjects reported an improvement in their skin when using the product. This just shows how effective it truly is!

How does it work?

The Omnilux system involves the use of three different lights, each generating a frequency responsible for repairing and rejuvenating the skin, namely:

Omnilux Revive: Known as the red light, Omnilux Revive is responsible for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, evening out one’s skin tone, and improving the overall elasticity of the skin. The precise wavelength this component operates on helps inhibit fibroblast activity in a way that helps effectively boost the skin’s overall production of collagen while boosting blood flow—leading to supple skin.

Omnilux Blue: Omnilux Blue works in conjunction with other light colours in the system in order to effectively reduce any signs of bacterial infection and inflammation under the skin. It doesn’t just stop at slowing down any underlying developments, though. This light also helps to promote healing under the skin for longer-lasting results.

Omnilux Plus: Best characterized for its use of infra-red white light, Omnilux Plus helps add much more effective when working on mature skin by tackling deeper lines, sagging, and wrinkles. In the Light Therapy process, this particular light is responsible for the rejuvenation step!


With the precise use of light and controlled treatments, Omnilux Light Therapy is the very solution that your skin needs to look youthful without any invasive treatments or snake oil “cures”.

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