How Often Should You Float? What to Know About Float Therapy

If you are reading this, you probably already know about float therapy and its benefits. Perhaps you are interested in trying it and want to figure out if it’s something worth doing consecutively within a month. As beneficial as these are, it’s important to know how frequent float therapy sessions will affect your body.

To know how often you should do it for a complete and highly beneficial experience, keep reading below.

What You Should Know About Float Therapy

Float therapy is the process of floating on lukewarm and magnesium-infused water to help the body enter a state of full relaxation. It is a recommended therapy session for those in need of mental rest and repair—and a momentary escape from the complexities of the world.

Float therapy is a generally safe session that would never incur any side effects. If you want to experience it every day, you may do so—but daily sessions are unnecessary because an hour of therapy can last its positive effects for a day or two!

To know how often you should do it depends on your answer to this question: what is your reason for booking a float therapy session?

The Different Effects of Float Therapy Depending on the Frequency

Since float therapy does not follow strict rules on timing, the answer is up to you. But to help out, we would present how each frequency option would make your body feel, so you can decide which option suits you best.

One Therapy Session a Month

Experiencing float therapy at least once a month is a good start to establishing a routine. Aside from letting your body experience relief and allowing you to “reset” once a month, it also helps clients create a strong starting point for a more peaceful and calmer life.

This schedule is ideal for those on a tight schedule or budget. It is also best for those who are generally healthy, happy, and not exposed to too much stress. If you look forward to experiencing a boost or reflection time at least once a month, this schedule is for you.

Two Therapy Sessions a Month

If you need more help in concentrating and keeping yourself aligned, we recommend at least two therapy sessions in a month. This schedule is a quick way for you to get back on your relaxed self, which is why it is the perfect program for people with an active lifestyle or people with jobs that let them sit down for a long time.

By doing floating therapy twice a month, you get to rejuvenate yourself quickly and immediately jump back to your priorities. Two sessions can help boost your energy and also strengthen your immune system. This plan is also recommended for people who experience chronic pain, inflammation, migraine, and headaches.

Three to Four Sessions a Month

People going through physically and emotionally challenging times are advised to enjoy three to four float therapy sessions a month. Doing so would help patients experience improvement and lightness in their overall health. They are also expected to perform better in all aspects of their lives.

Whether you are training for a competition, preparing for an exam, experiencing a huge life change, or are struggling with depression, anxiety, or insomnia, floating on lukewarm water for one hour, three to four times a month can make a huge positive difference.


If floating therapy helps you stay focused and aligned with your goals, and you want to continue experiencing it, consider scheduling routine sessions for fuller and longer-lasting effects. You can start with one session or enjoy every day of this therapy. No matter what schedule you see as a perfect fit for your needs, the most important thing is to stay consistent and build a habit.

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