How Floatation Therapy Can Help to Lose Weight and Battle Addiction

There is no one size fits all when it comes to managing weight loss because everyone has different body types, metabolism levels, and lifestyle habits. The same goes for curing people with an addiction problem because it’s a more complicated matter that most of the time requires professional help!

If you’ve never heard of float therapy, it’s a program that offers numerous benefits to help individuals struggling with weight management and substance abuse. It tries to tackle weight loss and addiction together by finding a connection between these two major issues!

By immersing in a floatation pod, you get to introspect and look into your behaviour and habits, inspiring you to cleanse your lifestyle when you understand what’s going on with you. As a result, you’re training your body to stop drinking or smoking excessively and start eating a balanced diet.

Keep reading below to learn more about the positive effects of using floating therapy to inspire a healthier life.

Benefits of Floating Therapy

When you experience flotation therapy, you allow yourself to get rid of the negative feelings you’re holding onto, including the stress and anxiety brought about in your daily life. In return, you achieve better focus as you undergo a cathartic moment, giving you the time to think about your behaviour.

People struggling to overcome their weight and addiction problems can expect to receive float therapy benefits, like being in a relaxed state, getting rid of pain, and being more mindful of your actions. Recovering from an addiction is tough, so the program aims to provide a safe space where people can let go of their troubles and just relax.

The environment they uphold inspires you to find inner peace and relief without falling back to your old habits. They give you time to recenter your thoughts and focus on your issues at hand, allowing you to acknowledge your bad habits and providing you with a better way to manage your life.

When people experience emotional distress, some tend to depend on food, drugs, and other addictive substances to experience temporary relief. The moment you rely on float therapy, you can find a similar solution to gaining comfort and safety through non-destructive ways.

Float Therapy to Combat Weight Loss and Addiction

Most of the studies revolving around a float spa involve managing addiction related to smoking. People who turn to nicotine to attain momentary satisfaction can allow float pods to change their perspective and control their dependency on cigarettes. Moreover, when you undergo floating, you are more inclined to try other means of achieving a calm and composed state. These include practising yoga and meditation to keep you from leaning towards emotional eating and substance abuse.

Since float therapy can significantly help manage stress, individuals who are having a hard time recovering from alcohol or drugs can seek the help of the program to keep them from relapsing. As a result, their stress levels are balanced, and they don’t feel the need to go back to their old ways anymore.


Although dealing with weight loss and addiction is more than eliminating negative thoughts, utilising float pods can actually support your recovery. It acts as part of your treatment plan to combat rapid weight gain and substance abuse and work to promote a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t have any unwanted side effects at that, so you can rest assured that when you walk into a float studio, all you have to do is focus on relaxing your mind and body until you don’t feel any signs of negativity in you.

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