Here’s How You Can Have the Best Float Spa Experience

Flotation therapy has the potential to be a life changing experience every time you go. Who would’ve known a deep state of relaxation could do wonders for your body and mind? However, whether you’re a first-timer or an experienced veteran, there could be a few things hindering you from getting the most out of your time in the pod. That’s why we prepared these tips to help you maximise the experience and have the most peaceful time of your life with every visit!

Avoid Caffeine

Feeling alert throughout your experience kind of defeats the purpose. It’s always a good idea to steer clear of stimulants before your session, as it could keep you from getting enough rest. Coffee and other caffeine sources are diuretics, which will leave you feeling too “wound up” to enjoy your float.

Do It Naked

Although it’s not required, stripping down to your bare body is the best way to experience float pods. With the water set to match your skin’s temperature, adding a layer of clothing like a bathing suit could disturb the whole feeling of weightlessness. Don’t worry. You will be given complete privacy in your pod room to allow you to enjoy the experience undisturbed.

Meditate Before the Session

Think of float pods as an opportunity to get more from meditation. One of the best ways to have the most relaxing and productive experience is to set your intention before you even enter the pod. Find a quiet space with no distractions, and spend a few minutes just focusing on your breathing. If you’re unsure how to go about it, try following guided meditations on your phone.

Cover Wounds with Balm

If you have a small cut or wound on your body, you should definitely cover it before getting into the pod. The water could sting your small wounds and ruin your immersion. Try using organic barrier balm to stay protected.

Move Gently in the Pod

There’s a zero-gravity environment in the float pod, so it’s normal to feel a little unstable when you first enter. However, you should make sure to move gently within the pod because splashing the water might cause you to wait a while before the waves subside. Take it slow! Remember: The experience is about relaxing.

Don’t Pressure Yourself to Do Great

Float therapy is a highly self-reflective practice, and you might feel like you need to do something “spiritual” while in the pod. However, you might be surprised to find that forcing yourself to have such an experience can be counterproductive. Just enjoy the experience as it comes, without pressure to perform.


Floating is the closest thing you’ll get to taking a whole mental vacation from your daily life. It’s almost like visiting a different dimension you won’t want to leave. The best part is that there’s no pressure to do anything but enjoy yourself. Float therapy is a great practice that helps you relieve stress, get in touch with your natural state and have a unique experience every time you go. Follow these tips to maximise your time in the pods and have the most peaceful experience possible!

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