FLOATING Theories Explained…

Why is floating so effective ?

There have been numerous scientific studies around the world that leave no doubt that floating has a positive effect on our mind and bodies..

So what is it about a pod filled with lukewarm water and Epsom Salts that evokes such a powerful response ?

For a start the magnesium in the Epsom Salts has massive health benefits for the body .. EVERY cell in the human body needs magnesium to function properly.. Many of us are magnesium deficient and floating provides the best way to infuse this wonderful and essential mineral into our bodies..

According to Michael Hutchinson author of “The Book of Floating” there are seven theories of floating

Anti Gravity

The bouyant nature of the Epsom Salts in the water leaves the floater weightless and free from gravity. Gravity is a leading cause of health problems with bad backs, aching feet, muscle tension and sore joints. By freeing the body from gravity, the floater is more able to deal with matters of the mind, body, spirit and self awareness


We have all probably heard about alpha and theta brainwaves.. Alpha waves are generated in moments of relaxation however it has been found that the deeper, slower meditative theta waves are able to be achieved when floating. Theta waves are accompanied by sudden insights, inspired creativity, feelings of serenity and a oneness with the universe.. It is an enlightened state which usually ends with the subject falling asleep.. Some Monks spend years meditating to achieve this state while staying mentally alert . Floating can help increase these creativity producing theta waves and leave the floater feeling the effects for weeks afterwards.

Left Brain Right Brain

The two sides of the brain operate in different modes. The left side is detailed and analytical. It is the dominant side . The right side is intuitive and absorbs information. Floating can increase the minor right hemisphere brain function..

Three Brain

A leading brain researcher in the US , Paul MacLean has conducted studies over the past 25 years which show compelling evidence that the human brain has 3 psychological layers. This is called the Triune Brain Theory.

The first and most ancient layer is the Reptile Brain controlling self preservation, reproductive and life sustaining functions.
The next layer is the Iambic or Visceral Brain which controls our emotions.
The most recent layer in our evolutionary history is the Neocortex or the Thinking Cap .. The 3 brains don’t communicate well most of the time however in the floating environment, the 3 brains are able to come together in harmony and provide a peak experience.


Our brains secrete hormones that make us happy, sad, anxious, sexy, sleepy etc.. Floating has been shown to increase the secretion of endorphins which make us feel good while reducing the amount of stress related hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline.. These neuro chemicals are related to hypertension, heart disease and high cholesterol.


Interestingly biofeedback research has shown that we can learn to exercise control over every cell in our bodies.. Processes such as the rhythm of brainwaves, blood pressure, healing, heart contractions, smooth muscle tension and the secretion of hormones were all thought to be involuntary. The floating environment works like an organic biofeedback machine allowing concentration by shutting off external influences allowing the mind to deeply relax and focus on any part of the body.


The body constantly works to maintain homeostasis.. the optimal state of balance, harmony, equilibrium and stability.. Stress can be defined as a disruption in this optimal state.. When floating all external stimuli is excluded therefore allowing the mind and body to return to comfortable homeostasis .. Research shows that many of the powerful effects of floating come from this state.

So if you needed any more reasons to give floating a try, there you have it ?

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