Floatation Pods: The Perks of Relaxing Through Zeroing Out

A sensory deprivation float tank or floatation pod could be an alternative form of controlled meditation. In this method, you can block out all stimuli and experience blanking out your major senses and mind as you float and drift.

Flotation therapy may be the answer to stress and anxiety or the best way to relax and escape for just a solid hour or two of no sensory input. Those who have experienced it report higher mental relaxation and even purer thinking, devoid of influence and distraction from the outside world.

Today we discuss the process and why it has become a sought-after experience around the world.

The Float Tank Experience

UFC commentator and podcaster Joe Rogan’s name inevitably pops up when talking about the float tank experience. He’s the first high-profile person to heavily promote and endorse the sensory deprivation pod’s mind healing and meditative qualities. In an interview, he praised the health benefits he experienced after a float pod session. His experience allowed him to relax, clear his mind, and reflect without any outside world influence.

All the controlled aspects inside the pod are important for creating this holistic experience.
The inside of a float pod is total darkness and silence, submerging you in water attuned to your body temperature for a sense of oneness. Unlike meditation and other deep mind relaxation techniques, the float tank zeroes you out of your world to help your mind and body focus on deep relaxation only.

With huge, controlled salt measurements in the water, it helps you float effortlessly to silence your body and then your mind. Then you hit zero, and the “I” no longer exists. You become just pure thought and relaxation.

Mind and Body Oneness

The floatation pod and meditation have similarities in blanking out the mind and letting it still for an extended period. By achieving a calm mind, we help our minds rest and tune out the world’s numerous distractions. When all zeroed out, our minds can relax deeply.

Many people try to experience it again to help with any mind rest issues that zero sensory isolation resolves. In such a busy stimuli-excess world, we realise we tend to forget to pamper our minds as well.

The results of sensory deprivation sessions are promising. A US government study in 2018 even showed that participants experienced alleviated stress and anxiety from a one-hour float pod session. It is just beginning to show its therapeutic uses in stress and anxiety management.

Final Notes

When you zero out in darkness and silence while floating in complete isolation, your mind becomes free from everything. A sensory deprivation tank allows you to be just pure thought while being aware, which is a natural and controlled state of mind perfect for mental rest and therapy.

Peace in a Pod understands the process and these sought-after effects. We have made it our mission to provide you the most natural, organic, and minimalist approach through float therapy to help you finally reach the elusive and in-demand zero state. Join us in Perth to get real relaxation therapy.