Float Therapy Perks for People With Multiple Sclerosis

Dealing with MS or Multiple Sclerosis can be quite an uphill battle for many people. Although it’s mostly characterised by hunching back, there’s much more to the condition than that. People diagnosed with MS find that their nervous system progressively becomes weaker, which can make it hard for the brain to command other functions of the body.

As a result, arm and leg movement can be difficult as vision slowly starts to be impaired. This can be rather debilitating to experience, causing an insane amount of mental stress to the person. There’s also an added layer of physical pain as the body becomes prone to other health conditions too. 

It can be hard to find reprieve, but Floatation-REST therapy comes pretty close. More commonly known as float therapy, the process allows people to go into a tank filled with water where they will experience reduced environmental stimulation. Essentially, a person can just float and relax.

If you’re curious about how float therapy can help people with MS, here are some of the relevant benefits you should take note of:

1) Achieve Lower Blood Pressure

One of the biggest perks that float therapy can offer is easing the high blood pressure of people who come in. This is because the float tank is filled with water for a person to stay in. The water is mixed with salts and heated to a lukewarm temperature for a person to relax.

It’s common for people with MS to have high blood pressure due to the disrupted blood flow of the body’s central nervous system. Staying in a float tank can immensely help people feel much calmer, which improves blood flow during that time.

2) Find Physical Relief

People with MS just have to stay afloat in the water and focus on their breathing. This position of being buoyant in the water can provide immense relief to the muscles and joints as pressure just becomes non-existent.

Not everyone is accustomed to floating, which is why it’s advisable to have some assistance before being left in the tank. Once they get the hang of it, there’s more blood circulation and less pain. That lack of swelling or constraint will feel like heaven for the next few hours.

3) Control Your Sensory Experience

The float tank is more or less dim, and there’s complete silence, except for the waves whenever you shift your weight from your floating position. This can be bliss for those with MS, as the majority tend to be more sensitive to different sensations due to sensory problems.

It is possible to request certain elements that would change the sensory experience if that’s what you wish. For example, people can ask for certain lighting that may soothe them even further or music that will let them relax more.

4) Relax and Remove Mental Fatigue

As mentioned, having MS and accompanying health conditions can be rather stressful as there’s too much on one’s mind. Float tanks were made to simulate the experience of being in the Dead Sea, which helps with removing any unnecessary stimuli from day to day life.

As the mind gets a bit more breathing room during that period of float therapy, people with MS will be able to feel less mental fatigue. Most people even get to contemplate and allow their imagination to run wild as they’re freed of their worries.


People dealing with MS should consider these benefits and try float therapy at least once in their lives. It can be a complete life-changer as they attempt to manage their chronic condition a little better.

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