Float Tank Experience: 3 Tips to Make the Most Out It – Our Guide

If you have always wanted to experience what is perhaps the most peaceful and restful activity in the world, spending some time in a float tank might be what you need.

It will help calm your mind and emotions and relax your physical body. That said, if you are planning to treat yourself to a float tank, here are a few things you must do to make the most out of it.

Just relax

If this is your first time inside a float tank, you might find yourself focusing on trying to float. Do not do this, as it will only ruin the point of the entire therapy. Instead, once you dip yourself and lay on the water, relax. The salt in the water will keep you afloat, so all you need to do is find a comfortable position.

Some people find that keeping their arms over their heads helps relax their back, while some other people place their hands on the sides of the pod to keep them still. What you are comfortable with is up to you.

Whatever you do, though, do not touch your face. The water is packed with salt to keep you afloat, so if you touched your face due to any reason, get out of the tank to clean it off and go back in.

Eat only a little bit

Just like how some people tell you not to overeat before you jump into the pool, the same tip can be applied if you were to enter a float tank. While reasons for doing so might be different, know that if you ate too much and too close to your floating time, the experience gets disrupted.

How is this so? Many people find that if they eat a little too much or too close to their floating time, they become uncomfortable floating in the pod. That doesn’t mean you should not eat or drink at all—you still need to fuel your body and hydrate it. You can eat an hour before the float time at the latest.

Shower with lukewarm water

If you shower with too cold of water before entering the tank, the water might feel warmer, even hotter. Also, if you shower with hot water beforehand, the water might feel a little too cold for comfort.

Lukewarm water is best because the water in the floating tank is set to body temperature or skin temperature. As such, showering in a temp that is too far from this can cause you to either feel too warm or cold in the tank.


With these tips in mind, you will be able to make the most out of your float tank sessions. Here’s one more tip: Do not overthink the entire therapy. Doing so will clutter your mind, causing you to miss the point of float therapy in the first place. Put simply, relax. Trying hard to relax is counter-productive and will only make it much harder for you to enjoy the experience.

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