Health Benefits You’ll Enjoy When You Visit our Float Tank in Perth

The float tank experience

When you try a float tank deprivation session for the first time, you’ll be in for a unique and calming experience. Our float tanks in Perth are filled with salt water warmed to your exact body temperature. The salt water makes you float while the skin-temperature water and pitch-black pod reduces all external stimuli so you can achieve a deep state of relaxation.

Floatation tanks are meant to simulate the experience you get when you float in the Dead Sea, allowing you to feel completely weightless. But floating in complete darkness adds another element to this relaxing experience.

Float tanks boast a long list of health benefits, both for physical and mental health. Floating in an isolation tank is one of the best ways to take care of your mind and body.

Health benefits

Because you’re able to fully relax and unwind while floating, your body is able to recover more than in typical day-to-day life. Some of the most commonly reported health benefits from using floatation therapy include:

  • Improving sleep and reducing insomnia
  • Relieving spine, muscle and joint pain
  • Releasing acute and persistent tension
  • Promoting healing of herniated discs
  • Lowering risk of developing infections and some diseases
  • Reducing high blood pressure and slowing down the pulse
  • Dilating blood vessels which increases blood supply in the body
  • Relieving jet lag
  • Increases energy levels
  • Treating fibromyalgia
  • Providing pain relief

Because the water in floatation tanks is high in magnesium, you may also benefit from the soothing properties of magnesium by achieving healthier looking skin and hair.

Improve your mental health

Naturally, float tanks have a huge impact on mental health. Up to 80% of the work our brains are taking on every day is exclusively external stimuli. Hopping into a float tank gives the mind a chance to forget about the stressful things in day-to-day life. In turn, float tank users experience more creativity and an increase of self-aware thoughts.

The physical health benefits of float tanks may seem unending, but there are a lot of reasons to consider sensory deprivation tanks to take care of your mental health, too. At a mental level, floating can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Balance overstimulation caused by the environment
  • Support meditation
  • Strengthen your resistance against stress

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, a sensory deprivation tank can be the perfect solution to the stresses of everyday life.

Visit one of the best float tank centres in Perth

Peace in a Pod specialises in providing incredible floatation experiences. Our float tank centre is filled with the best floatation tanks on the market. We offer floaters the opportunity to enjoy their session in complete peace and quiet or enjoy soothing chakra light therapy and underwater acoustics while they float.

We offer a variety of options to suit your budget and your needs. If you’d like to enquire about our float tanks, you can contact us at 9407 8149 or book a session today on our website.