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Debunking Popular Myths about Skin Needling

Let’s chat today about why skin needling is so amazing. Few other cosmetic treatments can do as much for skin as skin needling! From ageing concerns to acne and scarring, it has it all covered. And yet, there are still a lot of questions about it. So we’re here today to dispel the myths and answer your questions.

What Is Skin Needling?

Skin needling, also called micro-needling, derma-rolling, or collagen induction therapy (CIT), is a non-invasive skin treatment involving using a pen-like device with needles attached. These needles are rolled over the surface of the skin to puncture it. 

The tissue is then healed with the help of a serum or a substance used for healing. As the skin heals, the body starts producing more collagen and elastin, the two main structural proteins in the skin. The result is firmer, smoother, and more youthful-looking skin.

Without further ado, here are the most common myths about skin needling and the truth behind them:

MYTH #1: Skin Needling Hurts

The idea of skin needling makes people think of it as a painful procedure. It’s true that when the needles are used on the face and neck, it can hurt a little. However, when there’s a serum used (which is almost always the case), the process is painless. We do our best to ensure that skin needling is a quick and pain-free procedure.

MYTH #2: Skin Needling Is Only for Fairer Skin Types

When people think about skin needling, they often imagine the procedure only working on fairer skin types. In reality, skin needling can be done on any skin type. The serum used helps heal the skin and the production of elastin, regardless of skin type. It can even be useful in making darker skin tones appear lighter and fairer, which has earned it the nickname “facial bleach”.

MYTH #3: Skin Needling Is a One-Time Procedure

One of the biggest benefits of skin needling is a versatile procedure. Like a tattoo, you can have repeated needling sessions as you need. Skin needling is also used for many different skin concerns to be done more than once. However, it is always recommended that you wait for your skin to heal entirely before undergoing a new needling session.

MYTH #4: Skin Needling Only Treats Wrinkles

Not only does skin needling help with issues like wrinkles and ageing, but it also helps treat acne and scars. Scarring is one of the most common concerns people have about their skin. However, skin needling can help make them go away. It even gives you the option to choose from a range of laser treatments to help with skin concerns like acne and fine lines.

MYTH #5: Skin Needling Has a Long Downtime

While skin needling is a relatively new procedure for cosmetic use, it is quite fast and has a relatively short downtime. The healing process is quick, and the result of skin needling lasts for a long time. You may have to wait for three or four days before seeing the results, but even then, the result is visible.


There are many benefits to skin needling, from improving skin quality to reducing acne scars. It is one of the most sought-after treatments for skin concerns. But, to get the best result, you must choose an expert who understands skin needling and knows how to handle all the skin concerns you want treated. 

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3 Perks of Getting Eyelash Extensions ASAP – What to Know

Eye makeup can dramatically transform your appearance and enhance your natural beauty, making you feel more confident about how you look. However, doing this can be time-consuming, especially when done on a daily basis.

Fortunately, you can now get longer, fuller eyelashes without the tedious work and dealing with annoying clumps and smudges from mascara. Even without makeup, this one thing is guaranteed to keep you looking fresh and glowing. Wondering what it is? Eyelash extensions, of course!

If you are considering trying eyelash extensions, here are some perks you can enjoy with them:

1. They look natural

False eyelash strips are commonly used to enhance the wearer’s lashes. However, applying them every day can take a lot of time and effort, which can be stressful and frustrating. You also need to practice aligning them properly so they don’t look awkward and misplaced.

The good news is that you can enjoy having incredibly luscious and dramatic eyelashes without any hassle by getting eyelash extensions. The best part of having lash extensions is that every eyelash is applied to your individual real eyelash, which leads to a beautiful, natural look. 

2. They can define the shape of your eyes

If you wish to make your eyes look more defined or bigger, then eyelash extensions are the perfect choice for you. By controlling the arrangement and placement of your lash extensions, you can achieve the ideal look that you have always wanted.

There are various styles that produce different results, such as the cat-eye and doll eye looks. Feel free to choose a style that makes the shape of your eyes even more lovely and dramatic.

3. They help you save time

If you get eyelash extensions, then you won’t have to worry about being seen with tired, dull eyes. This is because getting lash extensions is pretty much like having permanent makeup on. You can wake up having fresh-looking peepers even without eye makeup, which helps you cut down your preparation time. These are ideal for those who are low-maintenance and always on the go.


Being confident about how you look makes a lot of difference in your everyday life. It perks up your mood and makes you feel motivated and empowered. One of the ways you can achieve your confidence boost is by having the power to change your lifestyle for the better, which can sometimes only be done by getting eyelash extensions.

With eyelash extensions, you no longer need to apply mascara and eyeliner, which helps you save time for getting prepared in the morning and money for purchasing makeup. This also lets you feel comfortable enough to leave the house even without makeup on. Now, you can even head to last-minute plans more than ever because you don’t need to apply as much product as you used to.

Whether you are packed with a busy schedule, you hate applying mascara or eyeliner, or you simply want to enjoy having more time to do more important things than putting on eye makeup, you are sure to reap the different wonderful benefits of getting eyelash extensions.

If you are planning to get eyelash extensions, turn to Peace in a Pod in Perth, Western Australia. We offer various spa treatments and other services that aim to boost your beauty and overall well-being. Try supplementing your pampering session with a massage service or skin needling session with us in Perth. You won’t regret it!