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Floatation: Can It Be Used As A Miracle Solution For Pandemic Stress?

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. With social and physical distancing protocols in place, it is getting harder and harder to stay physically and mentally healthy. While others start new hobbies and take up new areas of interest, others bake and learn new recipes. People can get creative when it comes to finding ways to cope with pandemic-related stress.

One stress relief technique comes in the form of floatation. There are many benefits to floating that can help people overcome different types of stress and body pains. Can floatation be the next miracle antidote for pandemic-related stress?

How Is Floatation Done?

The many benefits of floatation may be attributed to three main factors. You will be placed in a floatation tank to help you achieve weightlessness, sensory deprivation and experience the benefits of magnesium. Your mind will be able to relax and be freed from any stress triggers while you will be inside the floatation tank.

Benefits Of Floatation

Floatation is a great way to achieve emotional, mental, and physical health. Here are a few of the many health benefits that can be achieved through floating weightless in a tank.

1 – It Helps Ease Aches And Pains

Many people experience various forms of body pain, especially if they have a sedentary lifestyle. Floating can help relieve muscle pain by increasing the blood flow throughout the body, especially to areas that have muscle knots and are experiencing pain. The use of magnesium in floatation tanks can also help get rid of aches and pains because it helps the muscles relax and decrease the pain.

2 – Improves Mental Wellbeing

If you are feeling stressed about your current situation, whether your stress be related to the pandemic or not, you may opt to use floatation to get rid of your stress. Floatation will allow you to have some time free to be away from the busy lifestyle you have and just relax.

3 – Boosts Immunity

In a pandemic, one of the most valuable things anyone can have is a strong immune system. We circle back to magnesium and its miraculous effects on the body and immune system. Floatation also helps reduce the overall stress level of a person, which can also play a key role in boosting immunity.

Why Do Floatation?

Whether you are looking for a way to de-stress or if you just want to relax after a long work week, visiting a floatation centre will do the trick. It will help you relax as well as help you keep your health and immunity up and help you keep your sanity in these trying times.


Everybody deals with stress differently, and each person will be able to cope with it in their own way, too. You may have tried dozens of new hobbies and stress-relief methods but still have not found the one that works for you. If you are looking to find a way to clear your mind of everything that makes you feel down or stressed, why not give floatation a try?

If you are ready to float your way out of a stressful situation, visit Peace In A Pod! People who visit our float have a wonderful opportunity to de-stress and enjoy all the health benefits floating has to offer. Come and experience socially-distant self-care by visiting us today!

Floating Peace in a Pod

Flushing Your Problems Away: How Flotation Tanks Can Ease Anxiety

Millions of people are leading fast-paced, hectic lives that result in an inevitable mental burnout. Many reach the weekend with stress building up at the back of their heads, causing most to toss and turn at night as anxious-driven thoughts cloud one’s mind.

People find clever ways to unwind from the stress – some taking on a social media detox, while others go on a much-needed weekend getaway. In between, there’s a growing trend that proves itself to be one of the most effective ways to prompt meditation: float therapy.

What is Float Therapy And How Does It Ease Your Worries?

One of the oddest, futuristic, yet creative ways to quiet your thoughts, float therapy looks like a gimmick, but the light-proof, sound-proof, saltwater-filled tank can do wonders for your mental health.

The saltwater is set to match your body temperature, which surprisingly puts you in a seemingly endless state. This phenomenon happens due to the sensory deprivation that occurs in float therapy, removing your sense of touch, time, which forces you to feel connected with your body and fall into a restful state.

What’s The Science Behind The Sensory Deprivation?

With 1,000 pounds of salts mixed with the water, it creates a buoyancy that removes the sense of gravity that often pulls at your musculoskeletal system. By removing the heavyweight, it allows the body to feel like it’s floating on air, allowing you to relax and let go of the stress that has been holding you down.

How Sensory Deprivation Can Give You Focus

It’s the ultimate way to detach from the world, especially when you’re floating in a dark room with nothing but your thoughts to keep you company. The reduced light, sound, and near-zero gravity state make it easier for people to achieve head-to-toe relaxation, especially for those suffering from anxiety, PTSD, or depression.

It creates the optimal environment that facilitates mindful meditation, especially since depriving your senses frees you from the countless distractions plaguing your everyday life.

The Bottom Line: How Floating In The Dark Centers Your Mind And Brings You Closer To Peace

We’re constantly on the go in today’s busy world, often having too many responsibilities piling up on our plate. Going for a massage, detox, or vacation doesn’t seem to silent down our worries, but meditating seems like a difficult exercise to master.

If you’re looking to relieve the stress and weight you’re carrying on your shoulders, why not try to float anxieties away with us at Peace in a Pod? We’re a wellness spa in Perth that offers floatation therapy, where you can take a luxurious dip in our Dreampod for an hour and find your way floating closer to tranquility.

Floating Peace in a Pod

Tank Your Anxiety: How Floating Decreases Stress

Whether experiencing high levels of stress or suffering from a chronic condition, the body tends to enter a fight-or-flight state that can be difficult to emerge from. From regular therapy and prescribed medication to alternative treatments such as float therapy in Perth, promoting regular relaxation can decrease the risk of serious and fatal health conditions. If you’re looking to master the art of composure, consider floating.

A Silent Killer: How Stress Affects Your Body

Caused by rough working conditions, toxic relationships, or other reasons stress is a harbinger of mental burnout and unwanted health outcomes. By constantly pumping your body with adrenaline and cortisol, a heightened state of anxiety can result in breathing problems, heart conditions, and chronic pain.

If you feel you may be suffering from an anxiety disorder, your general physician can likely recommend a counsellor or psychologist. On the other hand, you can independently practise other relaxation techniques such as stillness and meditation.

The Art of Stillness

If diagnosed with a panic disorder or simply suffering from the inability to keep still, the notion of breathing, mindfulness, and tranquillity may seem foreign to you. However, implementing these exercises into your daily regimen will naturally take time. If silent meditation isn’t doing the trick, a peace float may be a viable option for you.

Admittedly, the idea of sitting alone with your thoughts can prove intimidating for those who haven’t yet been able to navigate their anxieties. However, the experience you undertake within the confines of an isolation tank are quite the opposite.

Without the distraction of external stimulants, letting go of your worries becomes second nature. As the outer confines of an isolation tank become decreasingly relevant, being at home with your thoughts comes easier than you think.

Unlike in your home or office, where the lure of your mobile phone and bustle of shuffling feet pose obstacles that are difficult to overcome, an isolation tank can double as a space free of emotional meaning. If you haven’t yet experienced the calming lull of floatation therapy, here’s why you should consider it.

A Zero Gravity Life-Changing Event

When consumed by stress, anxiety, and fear, it can feel near-impossible to hurdle the wrath of depression, instability, and feeling unmotivated. However, float therapy can promote feelings of resilience, strength, and acceptance in just a few sessions.

Becoming increasingly incorporated as an anxiety treatment, floating has also been used to combat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). To combat the glorification of burnout and disregard for self-care methods, floatation has allowed patients to resemble, restore, and reflect on what matters most to them.

Not only life-changing, but floatation techniques also serve as life-saving, especially to those who find difficulty in overcoming the effects of anxiety.


A key tool that allows patients to return to joyous feelings, floatation spa treatments are a pain-free solution that has demonstrated impressive results. Feeling refreshed and pampered is an underrated method of confronting fears of the future and daily stressors.

At Peace in a Pod, you can enjoy medically-proven and magnesium-infused isolation float tanks in Perth. The more often you book a float session, the longer you can reap the benefits of recovery and relaxation.

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Microblading: How to Achieve Perfect Natural-Looking Brows

Ladies, you know how a little effort in fixing your eyebrows can level up your look in an instant. You also know how tiring eyebrow shaping, trimming, and filling can be when done regularly. Though having nice eyebrows can immediately change one’s look, the result can only be enjoyed in less than a day—another of its instant effects.

Thanks to modern technology, there is now a way to achieve great looking brows without the risk of accidentally erasing them. This is called the microblading.

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique done in the eyebrows to create fuller brows. It uses a microblading pen, a tool with several tiny needles, that creates a more natural hair effect.

Microblading can give you long-lasting perfect brows that can last from one to three years, depending on your lifestyle and skin-type. Over time, the pigments on your brows will fade for various reasons, but scheduling an annual touch-up can help you maintain the same look for a long time.

What happens during the microblading process?

During the process, the microblading specialist pencils tiny hairs on your brows, imitating how natural brows grow. Once you’re okay with how your new brows will look, the specialist will tattoo the pattern to your skin using the cosmetic pigment and the microblading pen.

To give you an idea, the sensation you’ll feel is similar to getting a tattoo. If you have a low tolerance for pain, a numbing cream will be applied to your brows before the procedure. If you have a high tolerance for pain, you’ll feel a little pressure and scratching sensation in the area.

What to expect after the procedure

Complete healing from the procedure is usually observed in four to six weeks, but here’s what you should expect days after undergoing the process:

On Days 1-3

  • Your eyebrows will look too dark and too full. This is normal. It will eventually fade and look more natural.
  • You are expected to apply your aftercare ointment as instructed, and you also need to keep the area clean as much as possible.

On Days 4-5

  • You’ll observe that scabs are beginning to fall off.
  • You’ll also see that your brows are lighter than the first few days.
  • You can return to your usual routine by this time, but you are still expected to avoid activities that will result in too much sweating.
  • Too much perspiration will decrease the pigment retention in your brows.

On Week 7

  • You are expected to return for a little touch-up after six weeks. During this time, the microblading specialist will check if your desired pigment saturation is achieved or if there’s a need to correct any area.


Not everyone is born with perfectly shaped and filled brows, but there are several ways to achieve your desired look. You may deal with the regular trimming, shaping, and filling option or choose the semi-permanent way. Whatever method you decide on, know that putting effort into making your eyebrows fuller and aesthetically pleasing is always worth it. It can instantly change your look and help accentuate your eyes and face shape. Just remember to keep them as natural-looking as possible.

Want to achieve celebrity-like brows? We have feather touch microblading service in Perth, WA, to give you well-defined brows! Schedule an appointment with us today.

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3 Ways Floatation Tank Therapy Will Benefit Your Brain – What to Know

Imagine being able to let everything go, even for a few minutes﹘all of your troubles, worries, and concerns, drifting away, as you slide into a deeply reflective state. If you have tried yoga or meditation, you will be familiar with that feeling.

Sometimes, though, you want something more immersive. You can heighten the effects of meditation in a sensory deprivation tank. If you have been struggling with sleep or stress and your usual thirty minutes of quiet time is not working, you might want to try floatation tank therapy. Here are a few more benefits of float therapy.

1. It is therapeutic

Floatation therapy is said to help with stress and anxiety. In a study of 140 individuals, 56 per cent reported greater levels of well-being from the regular use of isolation float tanks. Floatation therapy also helps people with whiplash injuries, fibromyalgia, and other stress-related ailments.

Athletes like gymnasts and basketball players, who rely on their agility or flexibility, are also turning to float therapy to help them recover from tournaments or games. An isolation tank helps ease the impact of sports on their muscles, and it provides them with a place to centre themselves and recover mentally.

Non-athletes can also reap the benefits of float therapy. If you spend your day hunched over a desk, you’re likely to develop tension in your back muscles, a migraine, or both. A session of float therapy helps release this tension and keeps you relaxed throughout.

2. It promotes mindfulness

Wellness experts stress the importance of making time for yourself. You might appreciate the sentiment, but a day of business calls, e-mails, and other work-related tasks can leave you with little room for ‘me time.’ If you have a family of your own, you will further reduce that time for yourself because you must tend to your children, your husband, or your wife.

A sensory deprivation tank puts everyone at arm’s length for a short amount of time, giving you the most real expression of alone time you can get. If you are in a floatation tank, it’s all you; pretty soon, your concerns will melt into the background and you can focus on easing your emotions and relaxing.

When you float, you are in control of your environment. You can choose to move your arms around or to keep them at your side. You can even have music or soft lights in the background if you don’t exactly relish the thought of floating in complete darkness.

3. Floating may spark your creative juices

There is anecdotal evidence of float therapy boosting creativity. In a relaxed state, your brain releases less cortisol, which is responsible for stress in the body. It also allows the flow of theta brain waves, which are the kind that dominates right before sleep and just after waking up. Extended periods of theta wave activity result in better visualization and mental images.


Float therapy means different things for different people. For some people, it’s for physical relaxation. For others, they are after the mental and emotional gains. Some people even have these sessions for spiritual or creative purposes. Whatever the reason, float therapy helps you carve out time for yourself.

For floatation therapy in Perth, contact us at Peace in a Pod today. We provide you with a relaxing way to get away from it all, for just a few minutes! Get in touch with us to find out more.

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How Omnilux Light Therapy Can Turn Back Time for Your Skin

Growing older is a cross that we all have to bear. While there are benefits like looking forward to retirement and senior discounts, age comes with quite a few inconveniences.

Nowadays, ageing has become a front-and-centre concern thanks to the fact that most people live with more stress than ever. That, combined with the years passing by means that your skin will lose its hydration, glow, pigmentation, and suppleness. All these things lead to a noticeable decline in the way it looks and feels over time.

As the years go by, you’ll likely find yourself pondering this question: “How can I bring back the youthful glow of my skin?

Is the secret Botox? Doesn’t have to be!
Should I get laser surgery to reverse the effects? Nope!
Do I invest in treatments to bring back my youthful glow? It isn’t mandatory!

Well, then what’s the solution? Omnilux Light Therapy. 

What is Omnilux Light Therapy?

Omnilux Light Therapy, to put it simply, is a type of treatment that has established itself as one of the best and most effective non-invasive solutions on the market for ageing.

The idea that light could be a solution to years of ageing may seem laughable, the truth is that it’s trusted by thousands of people all over the world for a reason. With red-and-white LED light treatments for a mere 20 minutes a session over the course of three weeks, the treatment shines best when partnered with proper exfoliation.

The Omnilux itself is a medical-grade machine that helps deliver precise shots of LED light right into the skin well enough to even out a few common issues such as fine lines, roughness, and uneven textures. According to a recent study conducted by Omnilux themselves, 91 percent of subjects reported an improvement in their skin when using the product. This just shows how effective it truly is!

How does it work?

The Omnilux system involves the use of three different lights, each generating a frequency responsible for repairing and rejuvenating the skin, namely:

Omnilux Revive: Known as the red light, Omnilux Revive is responsible for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, evening out one’s skin tone, and improving the overall elasticity of the skin. The precise wavelength this component operates on helps inhibit fibroblast activity in a way that helps effectively boost the skin’s overall production of collagen while boosting blood flow—leading to supple skin.

Omnilux Blue: Omnilux Blue works in conjunction with other light colours in the system in order to effectively reduce any signs of bacterial infection and inflammation under the skin. It doesn’t just stop at slowing down any underlying developments, though. This light also helps to promote healing under the skin for longer-lasting results.

Omnilux Plus: Best characterized for its use of infra-red white light, Omnilux Plus helps add much more effective when working on mature skin by tackling deeper lines, sagging, and wrinkles. In the Light Therapy process, this particular light is responsible for the rejuvenation step!


With the precise use of light and controlled treatments, Omnilux Light Therapy is the very solution that your skin needs to look youthful without any invasive treatments or snake oil “cures”.

We’re a health spa in Perth that provides omnilux facial treatment. Get in touch with us today to set your next or first appointment!

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4 Ways Float Tanks Can Help You Achieve Glowing Skin

Float tanks are known around the world in many different names. People refer to them as isolation tanks, float pods, sensory deprivation tanks, and so much more, but the essence remains the same—they induce wellness. No matter how you wish to call it, floatation therapy offers an array of benefits such as muscle relief, anxiety and stress management, insomnia care, and even beauty enhancement!

These tanks aren’t only restorative for your body and mind—they can also work wonders on your skin. Due to the high content of Epsom salts only found in sensory deprivation tanks, a single session will leave your skin glowing than ever before.

Here are more ways float tanks can help you get the skin of your dreams:

It exfoliates your skin

Epsom salts in float tanks act as a natural exfoliator that targets dead skin cells, which ultimately reveals glowing skin underneath. It also helps clear out your pores, allowing blackhead removal without the pain! Its properties also control body oils, which helps boost your overall skin health. For people deficient in magnesium, floating therapy is one of the best ways to gain topical benefits.

It helps treat minor skin problems

Countless individuals battle with acne and rosacea, wreaking havoc not only physically but also emotionally. Because of these skin issues, self-confidence can be hard to come by. With the help of Epsom salts, however, you’ll be well on your way to clear skin! Magnesium also offers oil-stripping properties that help clear acne. Magnesium is also antibacterial and antimicrobial, so people with histories of psoriasis, eczema, and other minor skin irritations will also find relief from these tanks.

It reduces stress

Assuming that you’re a professional dealing with countless to-do lists from both work and life, you’ve seen time and time again how increased stress can affect your skin. Stress works to impair the immune system, which renders your skin incapable of healing itself. The only antidote is stress relief, and floating tanks are well equipped with such benefits!

Stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, cause plenty of body function issues. Through a float therapy session, your body will be allowed to completely relax, helping you clear your mind. In this relaxed state, your body will find no need to produce adrenaline and cortisol.

Through a promising session of relaxation, you will be able to heal your sore muscles, improve your quality of sleep, and overall allow your skin to flourish and glow on its own!

It cleanses your hair

Your hair goes through so much every single day, constantly exposed to pollutants and chemicals. Unfortunately, this build-up also affects your skin. Through Epsom salts in the float tanks, your hair will be stripped off of all contaminants, leaving you with healthy and naturally shiny locks!

Preparing for something special?

With these benefits in mind, it’s undeniable that float tanks hold the power to help you feel your best self. If you’re planning for something special or you simply just want to feel and look great, float therapy is worth the try. Besides rejuvenating your skin, these tanks also destress and increase energy and mental clarity. In other words, you’ll be glowing inside and out!

If you wish to experience the same benefits, at Peace in a Pod we offer these wonderful float tanks in Perth! You deserve only the best of the best—book an appointment with us today!

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Float Tank Experience: 3 Tips to Make the Most Out It – Our Guide

If you have always wanted to experience what is perhaps the most peaceful and restful activity in the world, spending some time in a float tank might be what you need.

It will help calm your mind and emotions and relax your physical body. That said, if you are planning to treat yourself to a float tank, here are a few things you must do to make the most out of it.

Just relax

If this is your first time inside a float tank, you might find yourself focusing on trying to float. Do not do this, as it will only ruin the point of the entire therapy. Instead, once you dip yourself and lay on the water, relax. The salt in the water will keep you afloat, so all you need to do is find a comfortable position.

Some people find that keeping their arms over their heads helps relax their back, while some other people place their hands on the sides of the pod to keep them still. What you are comfortable with is up to you.

Whatever you do, though, do not touch your face. The water is packed with salt to keep you afloat, so if you touched your face due to any reason, get out of the tank to clean it off and go back in.

Eat only a little bit

Just like how some people tell you not to overeat before you jump into the pool, the same tip can be applied if you were to enter a float tank. While reasons for doing so might be different, know that if you ate too much and too close to your floating time, the experience gets disrupted.

How is this so? Many people find that if they eat a little too much or too close to their floating time, they become uncomfortable floating in the pod. That doesn’t mean you should not eat or drink at all—you still need to fuel your body and hydrate it. You can eat an hour before the float time at the latest.

Shower with lukewarm water

If you shower with too cold of water before entering the tank, the water might feel warmer, even hotter. Also, if you shower with hot water beforehand, the water might feel a little too cold for comfort.

Lukewarm water is best because the water in the floating tank is set to body temperature or skin temperature. As such, showering in a temp that is too far from this can cause you to either feel too warm or cold in the tank.


With these tips in mind, you will be able to make the most out of your float tank sessions. Here’s one more tip: Do not overthink the entire therapy. Doing so will clutter your mind, causing you to miss the point of float therapy in the first place. Put simply, relax. Trying hard to relax is counter-productive and will only make it much harder for you to enjoy the experience.

Are you looking to treat yourself with float therapy in Perth? Book with us online today for an unforgettable experience!

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Why Float Therapy Is Good for Mums – What to Know

It goes without saying that motherhood is tough.

Having to juggle a ton of responsibilities and wear many hats can cause a lot of stress and anxiety. Most mothers have to deal with extra pressure and a busy schedule almost every day, leading to heightened stress levels. While it’s worth picking up stress relief techniques like doing yoga, spending time at the gym, relaxing at home, or being in the company of friends, it may not be enough. If you’re a mum and find that none of your coping mechanisms is working, you may want to consider float therapy.

What is float therapy?

An alternative technique for achieving relaxation, float therapy or floatation therapy is a proven all-natural treatment for anxiety and stress. While traditional relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation can deliver many healing properties when done appropriately, float therapy offers more than just mental relaxation. In addition to treating stress, anxiety, and even depression, it provides a deeper relaxation level for a more fulfilling experience.

To the uninitiated, float therapy is a practice of floating on your back in a salt water-filled sensory deprivation tank for an hour or more at a time, resulting in a sense of inner peace. It’s akin to floating in zero gravity as you feel weightless while experiencing a completely different state that relaxes both your body and mind. Since there’s a lack of sensory input, it also allows you to be alone with your thoughts that you otherwise can’t experience during your regular routine.

Float therapy benefits for mums

1. Float therapy alleviates stress and anxiety

If you’re an expecting mother or a new mum, your body is exposed to more stress and anxiety. Given that you’re dealing with greater expectations and an array of different challenges, floatation therapy gives you an opportunity to temporarily let go of your worries and put your stressors aside. It helps reduce feelings of stress, even just for a little while, and improves your overall mood.

2. Float therapy offers a space for meditation and mindfulness

Float therapy also offers a space free from the distractions you’re usually exposed to, including everyday noise, lights from digital screens, and being grabbed by little hands. Mums need a break, too, and floatation therapy gives you a space to be isolated completely. While you’re floating, you can choose to meditate and focus on mindfulness or allow yourself to enter a very deep sleep state. You can also focus on your breathing and bring yourself back to that peaceful state of being.

3. Float therapy helps recharge your mind and boost your memory

Given the many responsibilities you have to grapple with every day, there may be times that you forget important tasks and appointments. Float therapy gives you the chance to go on a spa-like retreat without having to travel far, which results in a rejuvenated mind and improved memory. After the therapy, you’ll feel brand new and have the ability to have a laser focus on your various tasks.

Float therapy is something that everyone should try—not just mums and expectant mothers. If you’re based in Perth and want to give it a go, contact us today!

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Our Guide to the Sensory Isolation Tank Experience

We all have different ideas about eliminating stress. Maybe your preferred destressing method is a massage, or maybe sleeping in, or perhaps a nice, warm bath. If you’re feeling burned out particularly and want a novel way to alleviate your stress, a good option would be floating.

Believe it or not, floating is a science-backed way to lessen stress, depression, and anxiety. If you don’t have access to a body of water, you may want to do it in a sensory isolation tank instead.

What is a sensory isolation tank?

A sensory isolation tank is not a new invention. It dated back to the 1950s and was used to experiment with sensory deprivation while under the influence of LSD and ketamine. Decades later, commercial float tanks were created because of the health benefits floating yields, such as muscle relaxation, better sleep, pain relief, and decreased levels of stress and anxiety.

In a nutshell, a sensory isolation tank (also called sensory deprivation tank) is a tank filled with water and salt, which helps keep you afloat. It’s completely dark and soundproof, and being inside would have you feeling like you’re floating through space. There are no visual inputs, either. When you’re inside, it would just be you and your thoughts as you float on water.

How does a sensory isolation tank work?

When you’re in a sensory isolation tank, you’re away from any source of light or sound. The internal temperature is maintained at 34 degrees celsius. It creates the effect of “clouding” the boundaries between the environment and the human body. It is akin to the experience of the absence of gravity.

What happens inside a sensory isolation tank?

The experience within the tank can vary from person to person. What happens to one individual inside may not happen to another. However, most people describe their experience to result in a high level of introspection and the feeling that their mind has separated from the body.

It also has health benefits, of course, but again, it’s completely subjective. Some report that floating in a sensory deprivation tank helped them become more creative, boosting their originality, imagination, and intuition. Some also posited that the experience contributed to the improvement of their focus and concentration, and led to clearer and more precise thinking.

In terms of athletic performance, athletes who tried sensory isolation tanks experienced quicker recovery after strenuous physical training. It also improved their psychological recovery following an intense competition.

As for pain and anxiety, one study showed that a single hour session in a tank could reduce anxiety and result in an improvement in mood. It can also contribute to alleviating chronic pain, such as tension headaches and muscle pain. For others, their experience improved their cardiovascular health. There are even people who reported experiencing mild euphoria, increased well-being, and feeling more optimistic. In short, the experience made them happier.

If you’re looking to try out sensory isolation therapy in a float tank in Perth, get in touch with us to book an appointment!