A Dive into Chromotherapy: What to Know

Chromotherapy, or colour light therapy, is a form of treatment that utilises coloured light. The main goal is to restore the body’s overall balance, done in a sauna that enhances the features of the wellness factor. Keep in mind that colour hues and shades are associated with specific body responses, which is why they’re used as a part of medical treatment.

When it comes to enhancing your overall quality of life, however, combining colour light therapy during your sauna sessions can bring wonderful benefits, both physically and emotionally. To learn more about this rising health trend, read this quick and easy guide:

What Chromotherapy Can Do for You

Benefit #1: Helps improve your blood circulation and overall body healing capabilities

Chromotherapy makes use of the entire colour spectrum, and each one vibrates at a specific frequency. As a result, these colours affect the body in various ways and in particular, the circulation system. When used properly during a sauna session, chromotherapy can help lower one’s pressure.

It is also known to help the body heal better, as it accelerates the repair process. This can be used to further the healing of burns, wounds, and even post-surgical scars.

Benefit #2: Ensures better mood and improved sleep

Colours are well-known to impact moods, especially since they have the ability to elicit responses and feelings depending on the hue and intensity of the shade. It also helps regulate hormone imbalances, which enhances the onslaught of depression and anxiety. Keep in mind that light can directly affect the endocrine system, which is why it’s the perfect solution for people suffering from any imbalances.

Colour light therapy is also capable of causing one’s muscles to relax, especially when used during a sauna. Those who experience chromotherapy with sauna believe to enjoy better sleep, making it a natural tool to combat sleeping disorders.

The Colours Used during Therapy

The light spectrum is vast, but here are some of the most compelling colours chromotherapy utilises:

  • Red: The colour red is believed to increase the rate of breathing, blood pressure, and pulse. It’s used to support the circulatory and nervous system.
  • Pink (light and strong shades): These colours are used as cleansers, which allows the veins and arteries to function better. It can also clear out any impurities in the blood.
  • Yellow (light and strong shades): These help strengthen the body’s internal organs, and can also be used to improve indigestion, improve metabolism, and even strengthen the nervous system.
  • Orange: This colour helps improve asthma and bronchitis, also activating localised fat for elimination.
  • Green (light and strong shades): As a colour of nature, green is known to produce a calming effect. It also aids with infections.
  • Blue (light and strong shades): Blue also promotes calm and relaxation, and helps address the onslaught of stress.
  • Indigo: This colour can address eyes, ears, and nose conditions, and can also give off a calming effect,
  • Violet: As a shade close to blue, violet is also known for its soothing properties.

The Bottom Line

Chromotherapy is deemed as the science of utilising colours, allowing the patient to enjoy health and harmony. These colours possess specific vibrations, all of which are used to treat various physical conditions. It’s a known fact that our bodies need the sun’s rays to live better, but a chromotherapy sauna can help enhance its benefits. Remember to keep this guide in mind as you plan your next one!

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