A Brief History of Floatation Pods

The first isolation tank was created by a neurophysiologist, Dr. John C. Lily, in 1954. However, floatation tanks didn’t become popular until the 21st century.

Initially, some scientists thought sensory deprivation would cause decreased brain activity, but Lilly didn’t think this was the case. Dr. Lilly discovered that sensory deprivation lead to relaxation and increased creativity.

What to expect when you’re floating

Floatation pods allow your mind to truly rest. In daily life, the only time your body has a chance to take a real break is when you’re sleeping. But floatation pods offer the opportunity to take a step out of the hustle and bustle of daily life and step into absolute relaxation.

When you use a floatation pod you achieve a feeling of calm by reducing all external stimuli. As you lay floating in the pitch-black pod filled with body temperature salt water, your body and mind are given the chance to embrace an absence of sensory input.

Many new floaters choose to take gradual steps when they’re first starting out. Floating in the dark without any sound can be a bit of an overwhelming feeling at first, so our floatation pods are equipped with underwater acoustic and chakra light therapy.

How it works

The two main reasons floatation tanks have a positive impact on health are because of the reduction of stimuli and because of the high magnesium content in the water.

The magnesium in the water allows users to float, but magnesium is also very healing for the body. The concentrated magnesium we use in our float pods comes in the form of Epsom salts.

In the 17th century, Epsom salts were discovered. Since then, they have been used widely to reduce inflammation, promote better sleep, reduce stress, help with digestion, heal skin, and condition hair.

Some of the health benefits from using a floatation pod come from the magnesium in the water, but many of the benefits are from the sensory deprivation experience itself. The buoyancy of the water removes the effects of gravity on the body which creates the incredible feeling of floating on air.

Because your body feels completely weightless during the experience, your muscles and joints are given a chance to relax. Many people use floatation to assist with injuries or chronic pain, and others simply find the ability to feel weightless quite soothing.

When you combine a feeling of weightlessness with an absence of all stimuli, you’ll be able to achieve a state of absolute relaxation which can foster creativity and let the mind rest and recover.

Try a floatation pod at our Perth Location

If you’ve been thinking about trying out a floatation pod, Peace in a Pod has an extensive float centre with a variety of pricing options available. Located in Perth, we provide our clients with the absolute best spa experiences. If you’d like to book an appointment, you can give us a call at 9407 8149 or book online on our website.