6 Fantastic Floating Tips for a First-Timer

Float pods have gained popularity in recent years. Meditating in a float pod can improve your circulation and mental wellness. Each float signifies something unique to every individual. A frequent floater may visit for pain relief one day and then for relaxation following a hard week.

Let’s go over six practical ideas for getting the most out of your first float therapy in Perth.

Make a Reservation in Your Most Free Time

If you’re new to floating, it’s important to remember that you should focus solely on yourself to have the best floating experience. The tip for booking an appointment at the best time for you may appear simple, such as calling, setting a time, and then waiting. However, look beyond the setup to ensure that another activity does not follow it.

You don’t want to rush through your float pod experience because your mind is on the next activities. Inside your float pod, you must concentrate entirely on meditation. Allow yourself some time to unwind and relax.

A floater’s worst experience in a float pod is thinking about other mundane activities, such as grocery shopping, dinner preparation, or rushing back to work after the session. So, schedule an appointment in your most free time.

Be Early

Make sure you have plenty of time to relax inside your pod during your first float. Because the spa may have limited availability, arriving late usually cuts your float time short. Coming early to the centre allows you to use the entire time allotted in your reservation.

Furthermore, getting there early for your appointment allows you, as a beginner, to ask the experts about the best way to experience the pod.

Be Attentive

When you arrive at the spa centre, you will be given a brief but informative orientation. This lets you ask questions, but it also requires you to pay close attention to essential instructions from the staff. Their instructions ensure that you get the most out of your float pod experience. 

Don’t Overthink

For people who are usually stressed out about various things, not overthinking may be difficult. Overthinking in the pod is common for newbies. Still, by following routines the float attendant mentions, such as proper breathing procedures, you can tune in to meditation that will give you total relaxation.

Another obstacle for newbies is thinking about their spa time. Forget about the clock. The float attendant will gladly remind you that your pod time is over.

Trust Your Environment

Physically and mentally, the float tank is an entirely new environment for you. Before settling in, don’t be shocked if you find yourself pushing yourself against the tank walls, tinkering with the settings, and gradually adjusting to the space. Instead, learn to trust your surroundings until you eventually get used to the pod.

Breathe Properly 

Inside the pod, keep your attention on your breath and follow it through your nose down to your lungs. Another good thing is to count ‘one’ as you take in your first breath and ‘two’ as you exhale. This breathing routine can assist you in meditating and relaxing.


Meditation and float therapy together may help you regain control and clarity in your life. Go to Peace in a Pod if you’re ready to try this new meditation method and achieve total peace.

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