5 Signs You’re Long Overdue for a Massage

Everyone benefits from a massage, whether it’s on a weekly basis or once every few months. It’s an opportunity for you to relax and work the tension out of your muscles, which will improve blood circulation while reducing stress.

In fact, getting a massage is a powerful and all-natural way to take care of your body, your health, and your well-being. It can even be used as part of a treatment regimen to address a variety of health issues, such as headaches, temporomandibular joint pain, and anxiety. Here are five signs it’s time to go get a massage:

You Sit at a Desk All Day

For most people who report to a traditional office, you’ll be sitting at one place all day, making repetitive movements such as typing. You probably get up every few hours to get a nice long stretch because of how tense and tight your muscles are after staying in one position for several hours.

If you don’t sit with proper posture, you’ll be straining your muscles every day, which can eventually lead to pain and injury. Getting a massage will help you sit straight and loosen all those muscles. Your back will thank you for the much-needed adjustment.

You Haven’t Had One in Ages

If you haven’t gone for a massage in the longest time—or even ever—then it’s high time to book an appointment. Massages are similar to other forms of body maintenance, such as regular teeth cleaning. Getting one on a regular basis will help you maintain good health as it helps boost your immune system, decreases stress, and strengthens your physical ability.

A regular massage doesn’t have to be as often as every week—as long as you have a consistent schedule, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of massage.

You Have Difficulty Sleeping at Night

Many people suffer from sleep problems, which can severely impact physical and mental health. After all, sleep is the body’s opportunity to do the most restoring, regenerating, and recovering; not being able to sleep hinders that, which results in overall poor health.

Fortunately, getting a massage can actually help you fall asleep. As it helps you relax during the session, you carry the feeling of tranquillity with you afterwards. You’ll feel more ready to fall asleep as the massage would have calmed any racing thoughts and relaxed your muscles.

You Have Tense Muscles

If you suffer from tense muscles, then getting a massage is a highly effective way to address it. Whether you have back and shoulder pain, knee and neck problems, or carpal tunnel syndrome, getting a deep tissue massage will reduce the tension in these areas. It will target the problem sites and work out the knots and kinks in your muscles, inducing them to relax, thereby eliminating the pain.

A massage also relaxes the mind. You’ll feel calmer and stiller. This will positively affect the psychosomatic connection between your mind and your body, encouraging your body to physically relax.

You’re Stressed Out

Finally, you’re long overdue for a massage if you’re completely overwhelmed and stressed out. Even though stress is a normal part of most people’s lives, it actually negatively impacts our health in several ways that can manifest in severe health issues later on. In fact, people have even passed away due to stress, so this is definitely serious business.

Any kind of massage will definitely help reduce stress. Whether it’s a hot stone massage or a Swedish massage, it’s sure to calm your mind and release the stress you’ve been carrying.


A massage is a quick and accessible way to relieve even the most stubborn of stress. It’s a great technique to both relax and re-energise the self, allowing you to enjoy yourself while working towards your health and well-being.

If you tick all these boxes, then it’s definitely time for a massage! Book your next appointment at Peace in a Pod. We are a spa that offers float therapy, infrared sauna, and massage services in Perth. Once you Walk-In, you’ll definitely Float Out!