2 Vital Facts About Float Therapy and Dealing With Anxiety

Float therapy is a popular means to have peace of mind in just a few minutes. This is also known as the peace float, an innovative way to realign yourself with feeling more relaxed, restore being at a clear mental state, and give the body and mind the chance to have active rest. Considering these benefits, float therapy is a great, scientifically-proven way to handle anxiety and other mental health issues. But in what ways does it do so, and how can you incorporate them into your lifestyle?

This article will discuss two crucial facts about float therapy and its lasting health benefits as it targets anxiety alleviation and other related issues. It lets you become more prepared and appreciative of your next day at the spa. As a result, you can feel more rejuvenated and have a newfound sense of peace, knowing you can always go back to the peace float and seek other spa services.

Fact #1: Float therapy works by controlling sensory input, allowing your mental state and its physical manifestations to be more manageable.

One of the major causes of anxiety is sensory overload, feeling extremely uncomfortable due to all the various day-to-day sensations our bodies are exposed to, heightening anxiety and restlessness. It’s highly common in urbanised communities and environments that let you be constantly exposed to technology and stress.

Due to these realities, you must find a way to maintain the state of active rest, allowing you to take a break from overwhelming sensors. This way, your body and mind can take the time to reset yet actively work towards preparing to take on being bombarded with different sensory inputs.

With float therapy, you are given approximately an hour or two inside a sensory-deprivation pod. You are placed in a temperature-controlled environment with treated water, allowing you to rejuvenate your senses. You can even use the provided earplugs and close your eyes to shut the outside world out effectively. As a result, you become more relaxed and more capable of handling anxiety and other mental stressors.

Float therapy can thus be more engaging and body-developing than simple naps or sleep since it unlocks your body and mind’s natural healing process. This way, you can become more well-adjusted in the long run and sleep better as your heart rate gets less erratic and healthy blood flow increases.

Fact #2: The water in the float pod typically has Epsom salts, magnesium, and other minerals to target your muscles and enhance mobility.

You may have the tendency to have bad posture when you work and sleep. For instance, you may have to slouch your neck and shoulders as you type on your computer. You may also have muscle strains due to chronic fatigue and overexertion during exercise.

The great thing about float therapy is the water is enhanced with muscle relaxants and other minerals designed to help you feel more relieved. Most float pods use Epsom salts and magnesium, popular aftercare products for professional athletes.

If you want to have more information about the water treatment for your next float therapy session, you can also contact our team to have the information you need.


Going to the spa and having some personal time for yourself can work wonders for your health and wellbeing. Now, you have a better understanding of it through float therapy. All you need to do is book your next session online and look forward to your renewed sense of peace and focus. Take advantage of peace floats and other spa opportunities today!

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